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The next gen Xbox consoles are on their way this holiday season, with the already announced Xbox Series X being in the spotlight for its incredibly high specs and taking the crown as the most powerful next generation console, thanks to a 12 teraflop GPU, higher sustained clocked CPU and faster RAM.

The rumours of a second less powerful Xbox codenamed Lockhart have persisted since before any next generation console was officially revealed, with hints, teases and new leaks giving some weight to the rumours. The Xbox Series S (rumoured name) console is thought to be a digital only console with a 4 teraflop RDNA 2 GPU. On the surface this looks like a less powerful system than even the current gen Xbox One X with it’s 6 teraflop GPU but with the new generation RDNA 2 GPU’s, the console is a lot more efficient despite the lack of teraflops. The CPU, SSD and RAM is rumoured to be the same on both consoles (with minor differences) meaning the games should play similarly but at lower resolutions, so if the Series X outputs at 4k Lockhart will do 1080p.

The big question for all consoles now how much they cost, Lockhart is thought to be the cheapest next gen console going to market with the Series X and PlayStation 5 costing roughly the same.

Watch the trailers for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 below.