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Since the days of the original PlayStation the platformers have slowly dwindled to the point of extinction, with only Mario still managing to sell gangbusters among the Call of Duty’s and Grand Theft Auto’s of the gaming landscape. Then Activision decided to revive beloved 90’s mascot Crash Bandicoot with the stellar N-Sane trilogy. A reminderContinue reading “CRASH BANDICOOT 4: IT’S ABOUT TIME REVIEW”


Mrs America was completely unknown to me, I wasn’t aware of its creation and it was by chance I came across an advert on social media that caught my eye – Cate Blanchett was reason enough but the stellar all-star cast and an intriguing premise really sold me and got me on a BBC iplayerContinue reading “MRS AMERICA REVIEW”


Games have the power to transport to worlds better than any other entertainment medium, they can make you experience things you don’t want to do – they can make you see through the eyes of a person you love and they force you see things you didn’t want to see. That’s the power of videogames,Continue reading “OBSERVATION REVIEW”


Comic book films are two a penny these days – Marvel and DC have carved out their own universes, with the former creating an intertwined and grand narrative unmatched in the film making, while DC have changed tactics by releasing individual unique experiences to varying degrees of success. With these two juggernauts dominating the conversationContinue reading “THE OLD GUARD REVIEW”


Over the course of 24 years Tomb Raider has been a pioneer of action adventure videogames and heroine Lara Croft has cemented herself as an icon. One of the most successful franchises in gaming, Tomb Raider has had peaks and troughs with 12 mainline console games and numerous handheld and spin off titles, Lara hasContinue reading “TOP 10 TOMB RAIDER GAMES”

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